Friday, March 13, 2009

Surrealism at it's best.

I was rummaging through my attic today and I found this gem.
Painted by Dann, maybe 13 years ago.
This treasure is now on ebay.

Here's the original art for comparison


Here's the painting


Here's the description;

Original Acrylic Painting of Jimi Hendrix

Inspired by the cover of VooDoo Soup

This painting was done by me when I was in the 8th grade. It's acrylic paint on a canvas panel. Despite my teachers repeated warnings that the original was watercolor and wouldn't look right in Acrylic, I proceeded anyways. That's what art is about after all. Rebelling against the man's rules of what art is. I'm kind of like Andy Warhol, but with a better haircut.
I got a C for this, if I remember correctly.

I put the original picture next to my work so you can compare and be in awe. I took some artistic liberties with this. For example I made 2 smaller bowls of radishes, instead of the one larger one. To show the duality of mankind's chakra or something, or for space constraints.. Also, he's holding his spoon like a cigarette in my version. Perhaps to show that cigarettes look cool when our idols hold them? Or just maybe it's because hands are really hard to draw and paint. I also put a very bold outline around some things, while other things (like his face) have no outline at all. This is to accent the importance of some things over others in society. Like weird glasses of voodoo are generally considered more important than Afro hair styles. Or it may have been because acrylics are hard to work with.

Winning bidder will recieve the painting, and a signed certificate of authenticity by me.

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