Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bendy has become disgrunted

I have recieved an unjustified feedback. I've contacted Etsy many times. The are quite pleasant but nothing has come of it.

This is the last message of 3 I sent;

Thanks for the prompt replies. I understand feedback is something Etsy takes very seriously. Which is exactly why I'm writing you.
As I mentioned before, this woman had no problem with the craftsmanship of the hat, and even went as far as to say it was exactly as pictured. Yet, she left a negative feedback. And again, if you look at the other feedback she has left, she leaves poor feedback for no other reasons than ones she imagined and have no basis in truth. This person (in my opinion) seems to be a text-book sociopath and has no business leaving libelous comments for sellers for complaints she "imagined" (her own words). This persons actions are absolutely deplorable and I hope Etsy will take the proper measures against this sort of thing.
I believe this is one of those "rare occasions" that you spoke of in which Etsy will remove a feedback. Not only the one on my shop, but also the others this persons may have harmed. I believe if you look into this person's feedbacks further, you will see exactly what I'm talking about, and realize what a gross injustice this has been.
Thank you for your time. I imagine you are very busy, so I do appreciate you getting back so quickly.
Thank you


Mind you, Etsy has been very nice. I have no complaints towards them.

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