Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bendy is still disgruntled

I'm still debating. If this person knew I have all day.
She replied to my last message and told me to check out the bullet points of do's and don'ts.
This is my response.

So basically the Do's and Don'ts that aren't bullet pointed have no bearing on anything. If no one has to follow them, they should be taken down, as they can be misconstrued by users, such as myself, who thought they may have had some sort of meaning. After all, they are in the "Do's and Don'ts", yet you aren't required to do, or not do any of those things.
I don't understand the problem here. Hats aren't for smelling. And sellers shouldn't be punsihed for buyers imaginations. I really don't understand why I'm not being helped. I went to the section you told me to. I found the parts that were in violation, and yet, nothing.
Please help me understand this:
-It is ok to leave poor feedback if you imagine an item to be different than it's described, even if the item has exact measurements using a measurement system which has been a nationwide standard for over 400 years.

-An Item arriving exactly as pictured is a bad thing, and negative feedback is justifyable.

-If an item does not appeal to sense that is not used regarding the item, negative feedback is ok. I.e. Soap tasting bad is a legitimate reason to leave negative feedback?

If those things are true, I would like it confirmed so I can plan future listings accordingly. So we won't have to go through this again. If I have to say how a hat will feel, look, taste, smell, and sound, as well offer no gauruntee regarding your imagination, I will do so at Etsy's confirmation that this is what needs to be done to make a proper listing.

Thank you

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